October 3, 2022:Added new character page: Stephen. As of today, the four main characters of the (current revision) of my oc story are on this site! I might make a page for other random designs I made, and maybe some villain pages?

October 1, 2022:I'll be doing drawings every day this month, so i made a wonderful page to throw 'em in. I think I'm gonna update the home page instead of updating this updates section, as to prevent clutter.

September 30, 2022: I made a page with exactly 31 prompts, in case you want exactly 31 prompts for some reason. I also plan on reorganizing the links page and making the navigation sidebar a little better (unless all of you think its fine as is ^^;)

September 22, 2022: I added a chatbox! please behave yourselves in it i dont wanna have to yell at anyone for trying to start shit

September 19, 2022: Added character page: Chiyoko. Character page work is slow as I am working on a bunch of story stuff for my oc lore rn so im shuffling around who is and isnt important rn

April 11, 2022: Decided to make a updates thing